Writing your first blog- You do have something to say

I know a blog would help my business but I don’t know what to write about.
I don’t have anything to say.

You sit down in front of the computer to write a blog post and nothing comes.   Zip.  Zero.  Nothing.  Nothing to say.  Don’t worry, this happens to the best bloggers too.  Just the idea of having to write a blog post can give one blogger’s block!

But I don’t have anything to say…

If a customer asked you a question about your business, could you answer it? 

Take a week and write down every question you get from your customers.  Don’t worry about writing the answers. Don’t even think about the blog. Just write down the questions you get from every channel, whether they are over the phone, in person, or via email. If you are not customer facing, ask the people in your organization who are to do this same task.  You might want to take it a step further and ask your customers if they have any questions that they need answered.

At the end of the week, take all the questions and review each of them. 

  1. Can you answer the question?  If you can’t, could you find the answer? 
  2. Would the answer be helpful to other customers? 
  3. Can you answer them in a manner that doesn’t harm the privacy or responsibility to your customers or violate laws or trade rules? 

With the questions you are able to answer, you should have a great starting list of topics for your blog. Once again, don’t think about writing a blog post, just type the answers.  Type them in a document if you are more comfortable with that. 

Guess what?  You have the hardest part of the post done.  You have a topic.  You have questions your customers are asking.  You have answers that demonstrate your expertise.

Take each question and answer and make it a blog post.  Make it coherent.  Add an opening statement and closing statement.  Spell check it.   Most importantly- post it. 

Whether you are starting your first blog or further along the blogging path, I challenge you to take a week and write down all of the questions you get.

You do have something to say.  Blogging is just another channel to say it.

By the way, have any questions for us?  Let us know!  We would love to answer them.