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I REALLY enjoyed the seminar on Thursday in Baltimore. I thought the presenters did a great job, and it was very helpful to hear about some of the ways CMS is navigating this exciting, yet tricky, new world. – Lorraine R.

I thought the training was very interesting and well done… I really got a great deal from it and look forward to the day when CMS as an agency seeks to engage social media in a larger way. Thanks so much! – Alissa J. S.

Awesome class. I really appreciate being invited to share. – Catherine B.

I thought yesterday’s class was excellent. The speakers were very helpful. I think it may have been too much information for some of the social media newbies though. As CMS develops its policies on what sites it will allow, it might be a good idea to have additional training that really goes into the nuances of each particular allowed site. Although, based on yesterday’s class, it seems that access should really be limited to a very few people in the Agency given the volume of questions we are likely to receive as a result of using this technology. Great job! – Nicole C.

I truly enjoyed the training and found it very valuable. I didn’t know that I was so out of the loop in my knowledge about many of the sites. I found you all very knowledgeable and quite entertaining too in your presentations. I had a dormant Facebook account. Since the training, I now have about 30 friends and these are people, colleagues, and members of organizations that I really know. If the rest accept my friendship request, I should have 50 by the time that I get home. Thanks much. – Lynne J

Thank you for organizing the session yesterday. I went home last night and shared a lot of the info with my friends and roommates. – Jacqueline R.